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As you research and prepare for graduate school, make sure you understand the process at every step. Whether that means you are choosing a program, applying for graduate school, or preparing to write your dissertation, you need to be as informed as possible to make the best decisions.

Access our guides and download the eBook versions to help you on your journey as a graduate student or check out our blog, Advancing the Field for more informational material.

Guides to Researching and Applying for Graduate School

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Introducing The Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies

Discover world-changing research, competitive funding, & professional and community engagement at SMU. Learn how the monumental $100 million gift from the Moody Foundation provides a direct benefit for prospective graduate students (like you).  


A Guide to Choosing, Applying for, and Thriving in a Ph.D. Program

Access insider information you need in order to choose a program, apply successfully, and thrive during your years of graduate study.

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The Graduate Student's Guide to Living in Dallas

Get to know the city of Dallas through our guide and learn what it is like to live, work, eat, study, and relax here while completing your graduate degree at SMU.


The International Applicant’s Guide to a Ph.D.

Read information about choosing and applying to a Ph.D. program, financing your degree, navigating housing and living in the U.S., and finding resources at SMU that can help you to do all these things successfully.


A Guide to Graduate Admissions

SMU's Graduate School is proud to offer doctoral and master’s degrees in a wide variety of fields. This guide is designed to give you an overview of the admissions requirements and processes for our Master’s and Doctoral programs.

Guides to Specific Ph.D. Programs


Discovering Your Planet: A Complete Guide to Earning a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences

This resource highlights the value of Earth Science, details current research among SMU Earth Sciences faculty members, describes the different research areas available within the Earth Sciences discipline, and discusses career options available to a Ph.D. professional in this field. 


Addressing Challenges in Education and Learning: A Complete Guide to Earning a Ph.D. in Education

This resource aims to demonstrate the value of education research, explore current research occurring in the field, and exemplify how SMU offers high-caliber research opportunities to its doctoral candidates.   


A Complete Guide to Earning Your Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Explore the many facets of electrical and computer engineering and the Ph.D. programs that are preparing these engineers to invent the future. The guide also looks at research being conducted within the field and specifically at Southern Methodist University.


A Complete Guide to Studying Statistical Science at SMU

Because of the explosion of data from devices such as sensors, cell phones, and medical instruments, as well as from business processes, surveys, and social media, there is accelerating demand for specialists who are trained in data collection and analysis.  


Exploring the Universe: A Complete Guide to Studying Physics at SMU

In this guide, you will get a chance to dive deeper into what it means to study physics, what types of careers are available to physicists, and how Southern Methodist University is preparing their physics graduate students for meaningful careers.


Computational and Theoretical Chemistry Group (CATCO) at SMU

Learn in the guide about the interdisciplinary nature of chemical research, the cutting-edge research taking place on SMU’s high-performance computers, and the history of SMU’s Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Ph.D. Program.

Top Articles from Advancing the Field


3 Reasons Dallas is a Graduate Student's Dream City

Dallas is one of the best places in the country to work on getting a doctorate, check out the three reasons why!




How to Present Your Thesis in Three Minutes or Less

Read our interview with 2019 Research Day Winner, Niraj Verma, to see what it takes to communicate your research to a broader audience. 

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