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Reanalyzing Our World:

Humanities PhDs at SMU

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What is a PhD in Humanities?

The humanities focus on the potential and agency of human beings — considering humans as the starting point for all serious moral and philosophical inquiry. We seek to understand the themes of life’s “big questions” rather than to provide or understand the answers. 

Individuals who pursue a PhD in the humanities are interested in understanding the world today and making connections to positively impact current climates and the future. PhD candidates in the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences benefit from superior training, top notch mentoring and professional development. 

In this guide you'll explore the three interdisciplinary humanities PhDs offered at SMU — English, History, and Religious Studies, learn more about possible careers for humanities scholars and discover why SMU is the place for your graduate study. We answer questions like:

  • Is a PhD worth it?
  • Are there jobs in academia anymore?
  • What are my options for funding?
  • What research areas are available?

A Guide to Humanities PhD Programs at SMU:

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We'll email you a PDF of the eBook for your reference as you apply to graduate school.

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Are There Jobs In Academia Anymore?

The job market for future professors is different than it once was. That doesn’t mean one should forego advanced study if they’re passionate about the field and their research interests. Our resource expands on both the academic and non-academic career paths for humanities scholars.

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What Research Areas Are Available?

While our three humanities programs each specialize in specific areas of research, they are interdisciplinary and collaborative by nature. Download our guide to discover how our students are encouraged to connect with faculty and students in other disciplines to create a more nuanced understanding of topics and source materials.

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