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The Economy of Everything

Why You Need a PhD in Economics

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How to Become an Economist: PhD Required

Earning a PhD in Economics means you have completed the highest level of education in the discipline, thereby creating nearly unlimited opportunities for any job in a related field. 

As a PhD economist, you'll have the skills to analyze real-world economic data with rigorous statistical techniques, critically assess the economic implications of public policy, and understand the complex relationships behind key macroeconomic variables like GDP growth, interest rates and inflation. 

The Department of Economics at SMU is highly ranked among economics departments in the United States and has prepared PhD candidates for careers as economists in both academic and non-academic positions for more than 55 years. 

If you want to become a PhD Economist, this guide will help you understand SMU's unique approach to the study of economics and prepare you to apply to our PhD program with confidence. 

Why You Need a PhD in Economics

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What Can I Do with a PhD in Economics?

Economics PhDs often work in complex, high-profile positions in the corporate sector or government and frequently explore regulatory, strategic or public policies. Our resource expands on both the academic and non-academic career paths for PhD economists.


Is a PhD in Economics Worth It?

Pursuing a PhD in economics is a big investment. Even though you will have a full tuition waiver and a stipend to cover your cost of living, you must also consider the cost of lost wages during your education. This guide will help you calculate the ROI of your PhD in Economics and determine if it's the right choice for you compared to a master's in economics. 

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