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How to Get a Ph.D.

A Guide to Choosing and Applying to Ph.D. Programs

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What Is It Like to
Pursue a Doctorate Degree?

The decision to pursue a Ph.D. in any field is difficult — it’s a significant investment of your time and resources, with several unknowns along the way. Although it is a big commitment, 75% of students surveyed are happy with the decision to pursue a Ph.D. 

If you have a genuine love for a subject and wish to become a thought leader or researcher in your area of expertise, we encourage you to review our Ph.D. guidance resource. 

In this guide we'll prepare you to overcome any setbacks, share Ph.D. application tips, and answer common questions like:

  • How to look for Ph.D. programs
  • How to apply for a doctorate program
  • How many years it takes to get a Ph.D.
  • What does fully funded Ph.D. mean

A Guide to Choosing and Applying to Ph.D. Programs

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Which Ph.D. Program
is Right For Me?

On the surface it may seem like many institutions offer similar doctoral degree options. So, how do you choose the program that best suites your academic and financial needs? Access our guide for straightforward, professional advice to help you make an informed decision about pursing a Ph.D.

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How to Finance
Your Ph.D. Program

Your Ph.D. should be funded by the University and/or program as a tuition scholarship and a stipend. Download the guide to explore the various types of funding, assistantships, and fellowships available to doctoral students (plus how the Moody School of Graduate & Advanced Studies compares to general aid offers).

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