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Graduate Studies in Economics

Economics is the science which studies how individuals, governments, firms, and nations make choices on allocating scarce resources to create value in society.

The Department of Economics at Southern Methodist University (SMU) is highly ranked among economics departments in the United States and offers comprehensive coverage of the major fields in modern economics.

The department has been at the forefront of graduate education at SMU. The Ph.D. in Economics program is over 55 years old and was the first Ph.D. program at the university. It has a strong national reputation and an excellent placement record in both academic and non-academic positions.

We also offer multiple Master’s degrees that emphasize strong training in quantitative techniques of economic and econometric analysis and are geared towards business and government professionals.


Applied Economics M.A.

Applied Economics and Predictive Analytics M.S.

Economics M.A.

Economics Ph.D.

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