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Graduate Studies in Physics

The Physics Department at SMU is looking for talented people who have a passion for physics and are prepared to seek a Ph.D. in frontiers such as particle physics and the search of dark matter. Our department provides an intellectually stimulating research environment where our graduate students can participate in and make substantive contributions to frontier research projects. The research projects provide opportunities to work in leading particle physics laboratories: CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, Fermilab near Chicago and the Soudan Underground Laboratory in Minnesota.

We have an excellent faculty-student ratio, and an established history of training exceptional students; our recent Ph.D. graduates took prestigious postdoc positions with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California, Caltech, the Fermi National Laboratory, and the University of Barcelona in Spain.  All of our experimental faculty members have federal support for their research, and this enables us to fund RA positions and allow students to travel to topical conferences and workshops.



We Offer one degree

Physics PhD


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