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Keeping the Peace & Conflict Management

Pursue a Master's in Dispute Resolution



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What's in the Guide?

It's a fact of lifeconflict happens. But what happens when individuals, organizations or companies can't move on from conflict? Who steps in? It could be you at the heart of keeping the peace.

Pursuing a degree in dispute resolution empowers you to level up your career mitigating disputes. Are you ready to launch the next phase of your career?

Your graduate degree in dispute resolution can provide you with the in-depth knowledge and expertise needed to excel in this field. Equip yourself with practical techniques and strategies and open doors to various career opportunities in diverse fields.

In this guide, we’ll explore how an MA in Dispute Resolution can be the catalyst to an invigorated career.

  1. What is Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management?

  2. What Do Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management Look Like in the Current World Climate?

  3. Where Do Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management Take Place?

  4. The Value of Formal Conflict Resolution Training
  5. Outcomes of Conflict Resolution Training

  6. Careers in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management

  7. Masters in Dispute Resolution vs. Law School

  8. Your Next Steps 

Plus—a look at where our graduates have landed after graduation.

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